Invisible refreshing mist SPF50+
SUN SECURE Brume provides a refreshing boost with very high SPF50+ protection for both young and old and is fun and easy to use, even on wet skin. Children aged over 3 years, adults.
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SUN SECURE Brume SPF50+ is the ultimate cool-down for all skin types. This ultra-fine mist leaves an invisible finish and provides and immediate sensation of freshness. It is easy to apply, even on wet skin, and is water, sweat and rub-resistant for optimal protection. It is delicately fragranced, fun and easy to use and will delight young and old alike.

A strict formulation charter suitable for sun-hypersensitive skin: Hypoallergenic. Paraben-free. Octocrylene-free. Allergen-free fragrance, non-photosensitizing.

A triple-action formula with Integral Secure Technology which targets all types of rays*:

• Physical protection on the surface High-performance, photostable and organic SPF50+ solar filters

• Cellular shield Liposomal antioxidant complex [B-carotene + Detoxophane®]

*SVR's Integral Secure Technology provides protection against oxidative damage from UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared light

PROVEN EFFECTIVENESS UNDER DERMATOLOGICAL CONTROL100% Immediate freshness, Leaves a sensation of bare skin* 95% Non-sticky texture* 90% of volunteers won over* *SVR SUN SECURE Brume, use test, 21 volunteers, 21 days, % satisfaction
Apply generously and evenly to moist or dry skin before exposure. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after perspiring, swimming or drying yourself. Spray onto the hands before applying to the face. Avoid contact with eyes.
Fun to apply even on wet skin, for the sun-hypersensitive skin of children and adults
Ultra-fine spray and immediate freshness
Water, sweat and rub-resistant

The best of SUN SECURE

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Une formule qui cible tous les types de rayons* grâce à l’Integral Secure Technology :

Bouclier cellulaire : Complexe Liposomal antioxydant [β-carotène + Détoxophane®]

Réparation des dommages cellulaires dus à l’exposition : Niacinamide

*L’Integral Secure Technology de SVR offre une protection contre les dommages oxydatifs dus aux UVA, UVB, lumière visible et infrarouges


Non comédogène.

Sans paraben, sans alcool, sans octocrylène.

Parfum sans allergène*, non photosensiblisant.

*sans allergènes listés


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